the girls to the peer primarily deal some children with an appointment part-time or to full time according to the necessities of the family accomodating, and their remuneration varies from the Liras 120.000 weekly (if part-time: max 25 hours a week) to the Liras 225.000 (if full-time: max 50 hours a week).  

The contract of performance to the peer is not a contract of job subordinate but a contract to correspondent performances in which the girl foreigner, magazine, develops in exchange for board and lodging and of a sum an activity of baby-sitting for the family ospitante; there is always a motive for study to the base, for girls from 17 a 27 years (to learn it language of the place) and any contribution previdenziale is due for the whole one lasted of the relationship, generally annual. These and all the other aspects of the relationship they reflect how much foreseen by the Convention of the Suggestion.

European in subject and from the Law May 18 th 1973 n304. 

The Family Links, within his activity of promotion of the exchanges cultural international, it is undertaken to select girls that, in base to the develops studies and the personal inclinations thinks more proper to the demands of the families ospitanti and correspondingly families that him hocks to welcome the girls in a consistent and comforting environment. 

The cost of the service e' of Liras 100.000, what quota of recording from to pay to the moment of the application, + a quota of agency of Liras 250.000 (for the collocamentis up to 3 months) and of Liras 600.000 (for collocament thin to 1 year), to pay to the arrival of the girl. 

For any ulterior information e/o explanation contacts also there freely compiling the special form of application information or directly writing to the ns I address email: