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Family Links was established in 1993 and it is presently is involved in the following activities: finding families for foreign students who either want to au-pair in Italy or just have food and accommodation in exchange of a few hours of foreign language tuition to the family members (Housing guests) , placing Italian au-pairs in Europe and arranging home exchanges world-wide. 

Home exchange is a new concept of travelling, very popular in the Unites States and increasingly  

appreaciated in Europe. It allows travellers  to cut accommodation expenses by using someone else’s house with all its comforts and eventually  have  a car included in the exchange bargain too.

Families travelling with small children will find a playing room  equipped with toys and accessories and those leaving their pets at home will  know that they will be attended during his absence.   

Au-Pair jobs  allow young people, aged between 18 and 27 years, to travel abroad for a period of 3 to 12 months, living with a host family and learning to know habits and the traditions  of other European Countries.

In exchange for a small domestic help and of  a few hours of  baby-sitting, Au-Pairs get a small salary for their personal expenses and eventually language course  

Due to a large demand, we have recently established a "housing guest" programme aiming to promote a cultural exchange among students and young people of different Countries, by means of short stays abroad. 

Foreign students (boys & girls)  can come and spend some time with an Italian family, receiving full board & accommodation in exchange for a few hours of English tuition and conversation per week. 

Most families have children of the same age of their housing guest and do welcome him/her as part of their family, never disappointing the certainly high expectations for the world famous Italian hospitality. 

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